Engaging the Father


Based on Mike's teaching in the original Sons Arise! video recordings (available elsewhere on this site).

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Engaging the Father


Ebook by Mike Parsons
Teaching is text only, with audio activations
No video files are included.

Note: The physical (paperback) book, is published by The Choir Press. It should be available to order from your favourite online or local bookstore.

Sons Arise!’ is the cry from the Father's heart to unveil, reveal, and release His children into their full and glorious identity and inheritance as mature sons of God. It is also the cry of creation, longing to be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God.

This first book in the series leads the reader into engaging the Father in relationship as His beloved son or daughter. Through personal testimony, insightful explanation and guided activations, Mike Parsons demonstrates how all can experience the joy of living their daily life in intimacy with God and, like Jesus, do what they see the Father doing.

There are NO VIDEO files in this ebook. However, it is based on the video series of the same name, also available to purchase on this website. 

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Frequently asked questions

Can I get it in print as a physical book?

Not quite yet. It should be available to pre-order the paperback from your favourite local or online bookseller soon. It will be published on 7th June and the recommended retail price is £13.99 GBP in the UK and $21.99 USD in the United States (prices subject to confirmation).

Is it on Kindle?

No. It is available from our website as a file which can be imported into your Kindle library to read on your Kindle device or app but it will not be sold in the Kindle store. If you purchase the ebook here, full instructions for transferring it to your Kindle device or app are included.

Why have you done it this way?

To make it financially worthwhile to publish on Kindle through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), authors have to sign an exclusive deal with KDP. This means that (as was the case with two of Mike’s previous books) we would be unable to offer ebooks to people using e-readers such as Kobo, Nook, Google Play Books or Apple Books. Amazon also allows Kindle Unlimited subscribers to read KDP ebooks for free, for which the author receives no remuneration at all.

We have been able to produce the ebook ourselves in 4 different formats for a fraction of the amount quoted by our publishers for producing a Kindle version, meaning we can set a price of £8 GBP (typically around $10 USD) for it which covers our costs, puts it within financial reach of a larger readership whilst ensuring that the author is properly remunerated, and offers a substantial saving on purchasing the printed book..

If you purchase the ebook from our website, full instructions for transferring it to your Kindle device or app are included. However, unless you only have a Kindle device, we recommend you read it on a free app such as Google Play Books or Apple Books – many other free apps are available.

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Mike Parsons

Speaker, author and YouTube channel host.
Mike has a mandate to see the sons of God released into the fullness of their destiny. Through his YouTube Mystic Mentoring videos, books, blog posts, conferences, Patreon Zooms, personal speaking engagements and most of all through the Engaging God program, Mike encourages each of us to encounter God for ourselves and to be transformed by the experience.
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