Engaging God

Online equipping for a Joshua generation - our interactive modular subscription programme developed by Mike Parsons.
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Engaging God

In this short introductory video, meet Mike Parsons, the creator of Engaging God, as he introduces the programme and briefly explains what to expect. Or you can scroll down for more written information.

What is Engaging God?

'Engaging God' is an interactive modular subscription programme developed by Mike Parsons. Through using it you will learn how to access God through Jesus who is the Way, Truth and Life, in the realms of heaven and within your own spirit and heart; and how to take up your responsibility as a mature son [daughter] in God's kingdom.
Many people have had involuntary or ecstatic encounters or experiences where they have engaged God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and the realms of heaven in visions. Whether you have had such experiences yourself or not, through this programme you will learn to develop the ability to engage and re-engage those encounters at will, and to mature in outworking the revelation you receive from God on a daily basis.

Note: we do not intend anyone to be excluded from 'Engaging God' because of financial considerations. Therefore we offer this material on subscription at a very moderate cost, far lower than similar programs, which we hope will be within the reach of most people.  However, if £12 per month would be prohibitive for you, please email us.

14-day FREE trial with any Engaging God subscription.

Just try it out! Then if you don't think it's for you, you can cancel before the end of the free trial and never pay a penny.
Note: to cancel your subscription at any time, log in, click the 'Me' tab in the top menu and choose 'Manage subscription'.
Please do not email us asking to cancel, as we do not have 24/7 admin cover and may not be able to respond in time to avoid you being charged.

Try 'Engaging God' today!
14-day free trial with any subscription.

Engaging God FAQs

How much does it cost?

Engaging God is a membership subscription. You will pay £12 GBP per month (or £36 per quarter, or £144 per year) for as long as you remain subscribed.
Although you will see a separate price on each Engaging God module, subscribers get access to them without paying anything more than their monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription. Included modules normally have the word 'Module' in the title.
Note: you can purchase any or all of the Engaging God modules if you wish, but a subscription is much more cost-effective.

There are a number of teaching series which are NOT part of Engaging God - these are available for purchase for a one-time payment if you wish. Some of them are even free!

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

You have complete control. Make sure you are logged in, then go to the 'Me' tab in the top bar of the page and select 'Manage subscription'. 

Please don't email us asking to unsubscribe, as we do not have 24/7 admin cover and may not be able to respond promptly enough to ensure you don't get charged again.

Can I pay in US dollars?

We are based in the UK, so all our prices are in British Pounds (GBP). However, when you click to subscribe to or purchase anything from our site, you will automatically be charged in your own currency.
If you wish, before you purchase you can easily check the approximate equivalent in other currencies (including USD) by using an online exchange rate calculator such as xe.com

How long will it take?

You can work through Engaging God at your own pace. Please take it slowly enough to put what you learn into practice before moving ahead.
The course was designed to take around 3 years to complete, but we are confident that you will begin to find benefit within a few days or weeks.

Can I try 'Engaging God' before I pay?

Yes, you will automatically receive a two-week free trial when you sign up for an Engaging God membership subscription and enter your payment details. You will pay nothing for two weeks, and if you unsubscribe during that time, you will pay nothing at all.

Do you have any free teaching? 

Yes! You do not have to subscribe to Engaging God to follow our free courses, which you will also find on this site.
Our annual Vision Destiny series is ALWAYS free.

Not looking to subscribe?

If you're not yet ready for an Engaging God subscription, check out the other teaching available on this site.
Some, such as the annual Vision Destiny series, are even free of charge. When you find something you would like, click its 'Enroll' button to begin. Follow the on-screen prompts to create a free account if you don't yet have one. 

281. Scroll of Destiny - Just Being

"As I have discovered my relationship with God and discovered who I am, I am now just learning to rest, and be...."

Mike Parsons

Speaker, author and YouTube channel host.
Mike has a mandate to see the sons of God released into the fullness of their destiny. Through his YouTube Mystic Mentoring videos, books, blog posts, conferences, personal speaking engagements and most of all through the Engaging God program, Mike encourages each of us to encounter God for ourselves and to be transformed by the experience.
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