Unconditional Love

God is love. There are no 'buts'.
So is there anything hindering you from receiving God's unconditional love?

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Unconditional Love


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Unconditional Love

Most Christians would agree that God is Love (if only because the Bible says so). BUT...

"God is Love... BUT He's also holy!" As if His holiness contradicts His love!
"Yes, God is love... BUT He's also righteous!"
"Yes, God is love... BUT He's also just!"
Mike says, "These are all religious-programmed statements that I used to believe. I had never experienced the truth, so that made it easy to believe the lies."
Mike introduces the concept that God's love is truly unconditional and explodes some religious myths around such key subjects as:
Sin - Forgiveness - Repentance - Faith - Salvation - Being 'born again' - Old and New Covenants - The 'Hell' Myth - Eternal Life and Immortality.

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The soundscapes used in the activations (except sessions 2 and 4), which were composed and performed especially for this series by Samuel Lane, are included as mp3 music files which you may download for your personal use only, also from section 24.

The background music track used in both sessions 2 and 4 is 'Releasing the Frequency of Love' by SML Music (Samuel Lane).

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