From the archives | Audio Series

Supernatural Workshops 2012

Practical exercises for engaging God in the heavenlies. 
From the archives | Audio Series

These recordings are audio only.

From the basics of building your spirit and meditation to seeing with your spiritual eyes and following the protocols for engaging the realms of heaven.
Audio recordings of 4 practical 2-hour workshop sessions delivered by Mike Parsons in a small group setting at Freedom Church, Barnstaple, UK in 2012.
With accompanying pdf slides.

Mike Parsons

Speaker, author and YouTube channel host.
Mike has a mandate to see the sons of God released into the fullness of their destiny. Through his YouTube Mystic Mentoring videos, books, blog posts, conferences, personal speaking engagements and most of all through the Engaging God program, Mike encourages each of us to encounter God for ourselves and to be transformed by the experience.

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