June 2020 online event recordings

The Restoration of All Things 2 (2020)

Recordings of all 22 sessions from this event with Nancy Coen, Lindy Strong, Justin Paul Abraham and Mike Parsons.
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Nancy Coen
Lindy Strong
Justin Abraham
Mike Parsons


June 2020


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Freedom ARC is creating a passion for restoration and union

Partner with us in taking the message of God's unconditional love, limitless grace and triumphant mercy to all His children. Pursuing the restoration of all things through encounters with God who is Father, Son and Spirit.
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     Meet the Speakers

Mike Parsons

Mike is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, YouTube channel host, and creator of the Engaging God programme.

Nancy Coen

Nancy is an anointed international speaker and founder of the Global Ascension Network.

Lindy Strong

As a Potential Maximising Consultant,
Lindy has developed a range of tools, therapies and techniques to help people unlock their latent potential.

Justin Paul Abraham

Guest Speaker
Justin is a futurist, transformational coach, popular podcaster and author, the founder and co-director of Company of Burning Hearts, Cardiff, UK.

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