Engaging God Module

Module 4.

God is in us, and wants to flow through us.

In this module we look at opening the various gateways of our spirit, soul and body so that the Kingdom will overflow into our lives and through us into every area in which we have influence.

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Module Four


Mike spent upwards of two years working on his gateways - opening them, learning how to understand them, engaging God with them, removing blockages from them. Those of us who follow may find it takes a little less time than that, but please. please, let's not rush through this very important module, which is made up of sessions taught week by week at Freedom Church over a period of more than six months.

What's in this module?

  • Gateways of the spirit, soul and body
  • Courts, Communion and Ketubah (in their original context)
  • Choose to cross over into the 'new'
  • Cleansing your gateways
  • 4 chambers of the heart

Additional teaching series
  • Transformation (you may have completed this in Module 1)

Course contents

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Mike Parsons

Speaker, author and YouTube channel host.
Mike has a mandate to see the sons of God released into the fullness of their destiny. Through his YouTube Mystic Mentoring videos, books, blog posts, conferences, personal speaking engagements and most of all through this Engaging God program, Mike encourages each of us to encounter God for ourselves and to be transformed by the experience.
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