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Ebook #1: My Journey Beyond Beyond

An autobiographical record of deep calling to deep in pursuit of intimacy with God
Mike Parsons' first book is now available as an ebook from this website. 

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Ebook #1:
My Journey Beyond Beyond

Ebook by Mike Parsons
Teaching is text only, with diagrams.
No video files are included.

Note: The physical (paperback) book, published by The Choir Press, is available to order from your favourite online or local bookstore.

An autobiographical record of deep calling to deep, the pursuit of intimacy with God.

The restoration of a Father and son relationship.
Hearing the voice of God, seeing in the spirit, travelling in the spirit.
Exploring supernatural dimensions to access the heavenlies and engage with the angelic realms.
Legislating in the courts and assemblies of heaven. Integrating soul and spirit, deconstructing and renewing the mind.
Expanding consciousness, searching for quantum reality. 

Mike has followed the sound of heaven calling him to discover his identity and take his place as a son of God, seated in the heavenly places. 

This is a journey that has taken him from operating as a left-brained analytical scientist to mentoring others in the mystical realms and dimensions of God; a journey that has created a passion to answer creation's groaning as a revealed son of God and participate in the restoration of all things.

How to read the ebook

  1. Download the epub file (from Section 1 below)
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OR just read it on this site (without downloading anything).
We recommend you download the epub file and read using an app such as Google Play Books or Apple Books.

However, instructions for other options, including reading on Kindle apps and devices, are included.

If you wish, you may also read it in full, chapter by chapter, here on this website without downloading it.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get it in print as a physical book?

Yes It is available to order in paperback from your favourite local or online bookseller. The recommended retail price is £12.99 GBP in the UK and $16.99 USD in the United States (prices subject to fluctuation).

Is it on Kindle?

No. It used to be, but we have now made it available from our website instead, though it can be imported into your Kindle library to read on your Kindle device or app. It will no longer be sold in the Kindle store. If you purchase the ebook here, full instructions for transferring it to your Kindle device or app are included.

Why have you done it this way?

Sales through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) have declined, and we wish to be able to offer ebooks to people using e-readers such as Kobo, Nook, Google Play Books or Apple Books. 

If you purchase the ebook from our website, full instructions for transferring it to your Kindle device or app are included. However, unless you only have a Kindle device, we recommend you read it on a free app such as Google Play Books or Apple Books – many other free apps are available.

If there is an issue with purchasing it through this website in your location, please contact us directly so that we can resolve any problem.

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Mike Parsons

Speaker, author and YouTube channel host.
Mike has a mandate to see the sons of God released into the fullness of their destiny. Through his YouTube Mystic Mentoring videos, books, blog posts, conferences, Patreon Zooms, personal speaking engagements and most of all through the Engaging God program, Mike encourages each of us to encounter God for ourselves and to be transformed by the experience.
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